(file photo of Bob not actual size)

a bit about me:

I turned my photography hobby into a business way back in 2003…and then I took a very long break as the demands of being an entertainment industry executive got in the way.  And now Bobtography is back!

I always seek to put a unique visual take on subjects that are crying out to be photographed, and I especially love how the camera allows me to get closer to natural objects than my 50+ year old eyes can.

When inspired, I simply grab my camera and try to remember these two things:

- (1)  always shoot to emphasize color and composition as first priority, and;

- (2) always remove the lens cap before getting started.

For purchases and related real-world presentation, my images will always be printed on museum-quality media by museum-quality printers, and always finished for museum-quality presentation.  In other words, I’ll delivery quality stuff!

Lastly, please click on my “Neon” gallery, and then use your imagination to envision how absolutely dynamic these sculptures look in person since the images themselves cannot properly convey how one's very being takes in the glowing designs.  All six wholly-unique works were designed by yours truly and then fabricated by the world-renowned neon artist, Michael Flechtner.  All these pieces are for sale, and each will truly light up your life at the very moment they light up your room.

So thank you for visiting Bobtography, and I welcome all comments & inquiries!

- Bob Wenokur